As a church, First Baptist, has a long history of service and discipleship in Collinsville.  For over 155 years, God has abundantly blessed our fellowship.   Weddings have been solemnized, baptisms have been observed, babies have been dedicated, and scores of people have come to know Christ.
                 For over 50 years, our Greenhouse Christian Preschool has been a celebrated feature of the Collinsville community.  Thousands of young people have attended Junior Camps and Vacation Bible Schools.  We have commissioned a multitude of missionaries, sending the Gospel message to the far-flung regions of the world.  For a century-and-a-half, our church has been a gathering place of prayer, worship, and Christian fellowship.   Gratefully we celebrate that heritage.
                Throughout our history, God has blessed our church with wonderful ministry opportunities.  Today those opportunities continue.  With enthusiasm the leadership of FBC presents the capital campaign “Faith for the Future”.                 
                The campaign's goal is the construction of a new entry foyer for the church.  Our goal has been an idea long germinating.  It had been on the books as part of the previous building project, but never completed.  We feel that now is the time to begin working toward creating this larger foyer.  We see this area as a place where the fellowship that already occurs before and after church will have the room necessary to flourish, while it can also provide space for activities and events that need additional room.
                 To reach our goal while we honor God, FBC is committed to conducting this campaign under a fundamental principle.  We believe God has called First Baptist to be a debt free church.  In honoring this call, we pledge that the construction of a new entryway foyer will be done in a debt free manner, while maximizing the space available for ministry and fellowship to occur.
                 Additionally, we understand that our nation is currently experiencing difficult economic times.  With this reality on our minds we decided to conduct the “Faith for the Future” campaign in a yearly format.  So instead of one multi-year pledge, individuals may pledge each year based upon the bounty God has provided them in that year.
                 In the picture on this page, you’ll see our current concept of what this new addition to the church will look like.   It is not the final design, and this design may change, but it is a starting point from which the church can work.
                 We ask that you prayerfully consider coming alongside us and helping First Baptist attain this goal, which we believe will set a firm foundation for our future and our children’s future here in Collinsville.  If you feel called to pledge or have questions about the campaign, you may contact the office staff and they will put you in contact with the campaign director.